Hsu Ting uses photography as the basis for her creation. Through photography, mixed media, and space installation, she develops unique forms of artwork in various backgrounds. Her capture of light and shadow, as well as her thoroughgoing spatial expression, expand the image beyond the limited moment in which it was captured, bringing it back to the real world. Hsu Ting's works contain intimate emotional connections. The content of her photos is taken from daily life scenes. These images are often abstracted through her creation until distance, time, and place are blurred and unfold into the physical space. From shooting to display, Hsu Ting invests her sensibility in clear and logical operating procedures, creating a perceptual experience that walks on the border between images and reality. Transforming from a single-framed graphic image to a large-scale landscape installation, the work of Hsu Ting never changes its essence of image production by foregrounding the sensory engagement of viewers with the artwork and the surroundings.