Hsu Ting

Born in 1993 in Taiwan
Lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan

Hsu Ting is a Taiwanese artist. Using photography as her main creative medium, Hsu Ting transforms photographic images into spatial installations. Her work is often curated to site-specific locations , integrating images and spatial relationships of different dimensions to reflect on the aspects of photography and reality. Hsu likens photography to painting, the act of producing brushstrokes with the camera. Her imagery is based on her surroundings, such as scenes from the city streets or her room. Regarding her photographic works as a process rather than a conclusion, her works attempt to extend the photographic image beyond the finite moment in which it is captured. Her images are often abstracted until distance, time and place are blurred and unfold into the present space. From shooting to display, her clear and purposeful manipulation studies the photographic concepts of light and shadow, as well as how the picture frame and structural elements can highlight the connection between image, space and the viewer.



台灣藝術家, 以攝影作為創作媒材,並將平面攝影圖像發展成空間性裝置。作品常以現地製作方式,融合不同維度的影像與空間關係,從而思考攝影與真實的切面。她將攝影創作視為持續中的過程而不是結論,並將攝影圖像擴展到捕捉它的有限時刻之外。她拍攝的畫面來自於生活周遭環境,並經常被失焦或放大,直到距離、時間和地點都變得模糊後,重新展開到現場的展出空間中。從拍攝到展示,她清晰而有目的的操作,研究了光影的攝影概念,以及在展示的框架與結構元素中如何突出影像、空間和觀看者之間的聯繫。